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31 July 2007 @ 02:41 am
Some random post to satisfy my boredom  
Why hello there people ^^. It has been some time since I have updated my LJ, so I feel it is time to comfort my account in its once solitary state.

Erm, TONS of things have happens since my long but needed break. Hmm, where to begin? Let's start at Maple Story =) I have started playing yet again! I am not level 43, would you believe it... I needed something to do now that school is over. I can't sit at home laying on the rug all day now, can I? It's been so fun talking to Tom and Roxy again (since I was unable to log on the computer because of large amounts of revision!). Oh by the way, the exams went very well. All of them but my English writing to describe which I know was something like a High grade D, but my other sections and CW should boost my grade like a kangaroo boosting a banana.

Erm, I've taken this "What Pokemon Are You?" test, and I know you are eagerly awaiting my result, so here it is:

Aaw, a sweetie indeed <3 Mew is one of my favourites actually, how strange. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Pupzie is currently laying on the cahir, asleep looking all darling-like (when doesn't he? lol). The electricity went for a couple of minutes today, and he saw me int he dark whilst I was searching for him on the rug with my hands. Hehe, such a stalker! I can't get to sleep tonight =( I don't know why - I was extremely tired a couple of hours ago for some reason. I've come on here, waiting for this long post to bore me into tiredness.

Eeerm, what else can I talk about? Oh yeah, the past few night have been quite manic, as my parents keep catching me on the computer at 2:00am. My mum is all polite and patent when she discovers me, but my dad shouts a lot and goes mad, lol. He's always grounchy when tired xP

My brother is currently away on a holiday to Magaluf (lmao), we haven't heard from him in a while, which has worried my mother - but I giess he's fine. Nothing to worry about ^_^.

I got my sustain pedal for my keyboard the other day! It cost £15 (a bit of a rip-off actually, but oh well). I can now play "Hello" by Evanescence with grace as the pedal creates a legato style. Oh, *opens windows messenger and plays a bit). I love this song right now <3 Definitley up there in my top 5 favourite songs at present.

My leg is hurting a bit now, but I guess that's from the inncativirt of leg movement as I'm on the computer most of the day. I should really start walking every hour for 5 minutes or so. Or excercise my legs at the comp xD I could get Davina's workout, or West End Workout - both would suffice my needs. *Cellos it*

I went to ASDA today, which wasn't that interesting. I was in charge of the shopping list, and running through the isles like Dale. I knew it was isle 15 for the kiddies sweets but no one would listen *sigh* =( At least I got my jaffa cakes. A nice big 36 in-a-box one.

I'm currently obsessed with Anthea Turner at the monent. Tom thinks it's a phase, and Roxy just thinks it's weird. Oh well, I should shake and vac it soon and be the perfect housekiddie. I can't believe Miyu, Tom and Roxy laughed at my not-so-fanatasic attempt of can opening the other day. I've seriously never used on before, they're so fiddly and weird. Just get a hammer and bash the tin open. Or just hire jaws to do it for you...

Don't bother asking who that is, I just randomly googled jaws and it was the first image xD

My egyptian cat is still sitiing on the computer stand thingie. It was kind of next-door to give me it, as I have a collection of Egyptian stuff on my bookshelf. I shall place I there when I go up to bed again. Tony and John pwness =D

I've finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a while ago. I'm so happy that the main three survived, but was not reallt fussy about the other deaths (except Hedwig and Dobby, that is). I've had discussions with many people about it, and most have ranked it #1 or #2 in the seven part series. I'd class it as a #2, because Order of the Phoenix was so gripping with its many cliffhangers and perfectly written storyline which would have an impact on Harry and the fate of the remaining characters.

"I have more!"

Eew, I'm going on holiday soon to Cyprus for two weeks (8th - 22nd August), It's going to be absolutely crappy and slow. I wish I didn't have to come =( I guess I can't change my parents minds this late, so I'll have to persevere with my boredom throughout the upcoming fortnight.

I've been working on this for nearly half an hour now and I'm getting slightly sleepy, so I'll have another go at getting to sleep.
Tata peoples! =D
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