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30 November 2007 @ 04:03 pm
Too Lost in you?  
Erm, nothing really happened today. It was my "free" day, so was mostly in the library doing that evil Trapezium Rule homework which he never took in =( I got asked if I liked Chinese, whether I liked the chinese race and whether I've been out the country xD Someone thought I was jewish, too and asked me out of curiosity when Hanukkah was :S I was also rather diappointed when no one took my advice and watched Waterloo Road xD Next week's episode looks sooooo good! Some dead baby gets dug up and one of the tartay under 16s is the mother xD If only I had that sort of drama where I was....

Oh, the class also looked at a question from the Kangaroo / extra paper thingie today. Omg, one 10 mark question was so easy for me xD People envied me for getting it right. Bwahahaha, maths is so groob <3

The decoration are up in the house now (they went up 2 days ago). I think it's mad, but eveyone's thinking I'm acting rather Scrooge - so I hushed myself =)
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