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03 December 2007 @ 09:34 pm
*flaps uncontrollably*

Wheeeeeeeee! <3
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30 November 2007 @ 04:03 pm
Erm, nothing really happened today. It was my "free" day, so was mostly in the library doing that evil Trapezium Rule homework which he never took in =( I got asked if I liked Chinese, whether I liked the chinese race and whether I've been out the country xD Someone thought I was jewish, too and asked me out of curiosity when Hanukkah was :S I was also rather diappointed when no one took my advice and watched Waterloo Road xD Next week's episode looks sooooo good! Some dead baby gets dug up and one of the tartay under 16s is the mother xD If only I had that sort of drama where I was....

Oh, the class also looked at a question from the Kangaroo / extra paper thingie today. Omg, one 10 mark question was so easy for me xD People envied me for getting it right. Bwahahaha, maths is so groob <3

The decoration are up in the house now (they went up 2 days ago). I think it's mad, but eveyone's thinking I'm acting rather Scrooge - so I hushed myself =)
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24 November 2007 @ 03:04 am
LOL, today's (well - yesterday's technically) episode of Ugly Betty was SOOO funny xD My favourite one to date =o

"Damn Right, it's better than yours! Meeeeeeeh" *wiggles* XD
The "Crack Whore in a Prison Rodeo" bit make me laugh for a long time, too. Oooh, and the Beckham energy drink!

Ugly Betty is the ultimate <3

Eem, the only drama occuring over the past few days was when the test tube exploded in Chemistry, I guess. Indeed, that is all... for now =)
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21 November 2007 @ 10:02 pm
I had my music exam today after school, so I thought I'd post how it went =)

So, I finished at 13:00 (I always do on wednesdays) and rushed home and last minute practised. I felt a bit oh-dear with the solo, but I didn't really have time to practice a lot. After that, I went in the car and waited in the rabbit-hutch styled waiting room and filled out the form of the songs I was going to be playing.

The bell then went ring a ding and me and Winnie walked into the room. The examiner was a woman, who was podgey and smiley. It was a good start - last years one was mean and evil =o I tuned to the piano on an F# and she looked at me like "aaah, your sax is too sharp for this piano". I did Spanish Love Song anyhows and probably got 28/30. I went a bit too quiet on the last bit so no sound was coming out, which would have docked my marks. I then spent 5 minutes trying to tune with the piano, to no avail. he examiner was rolling her eyes so we just continued xD Oh the drama! Sliding Doors was a bit okay... I squeeked a bit (stupid nerves!) and got the duh daa daa daaah dooodoodooo doo daah daaah daaah dooo duuuum bit a bit wrong =S I probably got 22/30 on that one. I then did the solo and got the first fast bit right but slowed down on the second fast bit - probably getting 24/30.
I then did some Aural and felt like a completely messed it up xD 10/18 here I come ;o The singing and clapping went well, I think.
She then got the syllabus out and chose the most evil scales (Bb Major - starts on the lowest note my saxophone can play at, and C# minor - it has 5 sharps =( ). I probably lost 5 marks out of a possible 21 on them because I started c# minor like... 4 times and got half my B Minor arpegio wrong xP
Sight reading was okay - it said "Waltz" at the top, so I wasn't sure whether to swing the quavers or not. I chose not to as it didn't clearly indicate it. Other than that, I thought I read it well - probably 17/21.
At the end, she turned to me and smiled, saying "Have a nice rest and enjoy the break". It sounds good, but who knows.... she could be saying that to soften the heartbreak!

28 + 22 + 24 + 16 + 17 + 10 = 117

Womgsh, I soo want this merit =( 120+ ... Puhllleeeez, lawl - it would make my year. I guess I could have done slightly better than anticipated on the Aural, but I doubt it, I guessed 2 parts of it =o Oh well....

I have my past music notes back and am now studying them.

Grade 2 (117)

Piece 1 - 24/30 (steady pulse)
Piece 2 - 24/30 (carefully prepared accountsustained phrasing and breathing)
Piece 3 - 24/30 (captured the swing)

Scales and Arpeggios - 14/21 (managed in the end - significant uncertainties xD)

Sight Reading - 14/21 (some grasp of rhythm)

Aural Tests - 17/18 (imprecisions in B (singing))

Grade 3 (116)

Piece 1 - 26/30 (steady pulse, but wavered in the middle)
Piece 2 - 19/30 (brisk tempto, but was rushed and out of control)
Piece 3 - 25/30 (Good sense of forward flow, but a brief hiatus in the middle. Rofl, weirdo.)

Scales and Arpeggios - 15/21 (unstady with slips)

Sight Reading - 16/21 (well counted and good momentum)

Aural Tests - 15/18 (Slips in my singing and tonality wrong in section D)

Grade 4 - The Mean Examiner! (109)

Piece 1 - 21/30 (Came in too early (I didn't, though :K)
Piece 2 - 25/30 (Rhythmical Detail well articulated)
Piece 3 - 24/30 (Jazzy Idiom - showed good understanding)

Scales and Arpeggios - 14/21 (Few were played accurately xD)

Sight Reading - 15/21 (often quite unrhythmical)

Aural Tests - 10/18 (Pitch Test was weak... the surprise =o - Most questions well answered)

Hmmm, looking back on the sight reading now - I think this was my best one... I'm soooo ranting here :p
So, in conclusion, I could have scraped the merit, or just gotten below it - I think I just got below the merit boundary.

I also got my  UKMT Senior Maths Challenge result back today. I thought I had completely failed it - because I stupidly guessed the ones I didn't know - apparently we should have left them blank. She was reading the results out in front of the class, which was pretty embarrassing. She said something like: "There was one gold! Oh, and ____ got a silver, _____ got a silver, oh and Daniel got a Silver! I was like "Oooh yeah, I pwn". The person sitting next to me got a Bronze and was clearly disappointed =( There were many fails... xD I probably came about... 4th or 5th in the class? =3 So.... I left rather happy with that, because I love the colour silver - so much better than gold on a certificate, I say!
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11 November 2007 @ 09:48 am
I guess I'll make another LJ entry - I'm running out of things to say really due to the uneventful weeks :)

Anyhow, I got Desperate Housewives Series 3 on DVD on the 5th. The writing on the back is just soooo witty and groovy. The girl who served me thought I was 14  =o Now that wasn't very nice now, was it? I felt like throwing a large batch of popcorn over her face and in her ears, and then playing a bit of Whitney and tell her how unfortunate she was to not have heard it. Ooooh, the guilt she would face....

The kitchen is being refurbished and it's all looking rather super-spangly. I really want to just grab a paint brush and paint it green, but I told my mum this in the car to Homebase and she called me a strange little boy and said she worried about me sometimes xD How untrue!
I got a little excited when I saw the people who appear on the Dulux (grrr... keep calling it durex xD) adverts and correctly identified them and got classed as "sad". How proud I am.....

I don't know why, but I've been feeling very happy about myself these past few days :S Could be something they put in the water... who knows? My sore throat has cleared from all the singing last night on the Scissor Sisters MTV special thingie - My sister kept telling me to shut up, but I was having fun... xD

Eeerm, school's going well =p Top of the class in my social psychology test and got 100% in the Milgram deception past paper question, I got a smiley face on my work, woohoo! Maths Core 2 is just sooo boring..... there's too many sequence rules which are totally annoying. Where art thou my pi? =(

No one's been online for ages - I wonder where they could be??
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23 October 2007 @ 01:39 am

It looks like Britney's showing off her new lips again....
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12 October 2007 @ 08:44 pm
I know you're there... bwahahahaha
27 August 2007 @ 12:56 am
So, it's been a while since my last proper update. So, here it is :o

On the 8th August I had to go to Cyprus with my family for 2 weeks (yes, they wouldn't take no for an answer). It was so boring there. I realised that without Tom and Roxy, I coouldn't liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeee if liiiiiiiiiiiivvvviiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg iiiiiiiiiis wwwwwiiiiiiiiithooooooooouuuuuuut tttttheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem! </cheesy rant>.

There were only really 3 highlights over the 2 week span.

  1. We were on the beach and my mum left me in charge of the camera. So i decided to sit on my lounger ina  sneeky fashion and take pictures of random people walking past. There was this man with stripey trunks on which were AWFUL, so I had to snap a few of him. Also, I snapped with lady with an awful leopard skinned costume on. It looked like something out of the 70s =| Finally, there was this woman sitting bya  boat who looked a bit like McKlusky. Must've been taking a holiday from babysitting Lynette's evil kiddies....
  2. We arrived at our room at 2am, only to find an evil cockroach by the bed! Omg, it was so eew eww eww EEEEEW! I jumped and ran out fo the room and down the corridor to fetch someone. It was killed shortly afterwards. I felt really guilty. Like Lynette and the rat :'(
  3. Airoplane drama! Weeee!!! <3
That's is really. Tata :o
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23 August 2007 @ 04:56 pm
Yay, I went into school today to get my GCSE results ^_^

I texted Nicole and she said she'd wait for my by the blue bench, although she actually waited for my at the front of the school with Danielle. We went in and we passed Miss Fox in the science corridor leading to the KS4 Study Centre. She said Rajiv done good, Nicole done very good and I done VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD!. I was all, don't be sillay when Nicole started to say that I must have owned.

I got in there and got my envelope, although I didn't want to open them straight away. People told me to open it, so i did. First I looked at the AQA sheet and was shocked by the A*(a*) at the bottom which read English Literaure. Mr Carr, my english teacher came up to me and said how proud he was that I got the A* and A in his Subject.
I then looked at my Edexcel, all were A* excpet for the C in Art (didn't really like it anyway). I was spazzing out by the time I looked at my OCR one, which said I had acheived and A* in Religious Studies and an A in Geography. Word spread quickly about my pwness and teachers and pupils congratulated me. I left rather happy and told my mum who was like "WELL DONE!", later buying me a cake from ASDA :D

So, here's my results spread out for all of you to read (well, only 2 people read my LJs)

Mathematics : A*
Science: A*
Double Science: A*
Religious Studies: A*
English Literature: A* (the biggest shock of them all)
English Language: A
Geography: A
Art and Design: C

A*A*A*A*A*AABC - they look so much better loik that though :o

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31 July 2007 @ 02:41 am
Why hello there people ^^. It has been some time since I have updated my LJ, so I feel it is time to comfort my account in its once solitary state.

Erm, TONS of things have happens since my long but needed break. Hmm, where to begin? Let's start at Maple Story =) I have started playing yet again! I am not level 43, would you believe it... I needed something to do now that school is over. I can't sit at home laying on the rug all day now, can I? It's been so fun talking to Tom and Roxy again (since I was unable to log on the computer because of large amounts of revision!). Oh by the way, the exams went very well. All of them but my English writing to describe which I know was something like a High grade D, but my other sections and CW should boost my grade like a kangaroo boosting a banana.

Erm, I've taken this "What Pokemon Are You?" test, and I know you are eagerly awaiting my result, so here it is:

Aaw, a sweetie indeed <3 Mew is one of my favourites actually, how strange. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Pupzie is currently laying on the cahir, asleep looking all darling-like (when doesn't he? lol). The electricity went for a couple of minutes today, and he saw me int he dark whilst I was searching for him on the rug with my hands. Hehe, such a stalker! I can't get to sleep tonight =( I don't know why - I was extremely tired a couple of hours ago for some reason. I've come on here, waiting for this long post to bore me into tiredness.

Eeerm, what else can I talk about? Oh yeah, the past few night have been quite manic, as my parents keep catching me on the computer at 2:00am. My mum is all polite and patent when she discovers me, but my dad shouts a lot and goes mad, lol. He's always grounchy when tired xP

My brother is currently away on a holiday to Magaluf (lmao), we haven't heard from him in a while, which has worried my mother - but I giess he's fine. Nothing to worry about ^_^.

I got my sustain pedal for my keyboard the other day! It cost £15 (a bit of a rip-off actually, but oh well). I can now play "Hello" by Evanescence with grace as the pedal creates a legato style. Oh, *opens windows messenger and plays a bit). I love this song right now <3 Definitley up there in my top 5 favourite songs at present.

My leg is hurting a bit now, but I guess that's from the inncativirt of leg movement as I'm on the computer most of the day. I should really start walking every hour for 5 minutes or so. Or excercise my legs at the comp xD I could get Davina's workout, or West End Workout - both would suffice my needs. *Cellos it*

I went to ASDA today, which wasn't that interesting. I was in charge of the shopping list, and running through the isles like Dale. I knew it was isle 15 for the kiddies sweets but no one would listen *sigh* =( At least I got my jaffa cakes. A nice big 36 in-a-box one.

I'm currently obsessed with Anthea Turner at the monent. Tom thinks it's a phase, and Roxy just thinks it's weird. Oh well, I should shake and vac it soon and be the perfect housekiddie. I can't believe Miyu, Tom and Roxy laughed at my not-so-fanatasic attempt of can opening the other day. I've seriously never used on before, they're so fiddly and weird. Just get a hammer and bash the tin open. Or just hire jaws to do it for you...

Don't bother asking who that is, I just randomly googled jaws and it was the first image xD

My egyptian cat is still sitiing on the computer stand thingie. It was kind of next-door to give me it, as I have a collection of Egyptian stuff on my bookshelf. I shall place I there when I go up to bed again. Tony and John pwness =D

I've finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a while ago. I'm so happy that the main three survived, but was not reallt fussy about the other deaths (except Hedwig and Dobby, that is). I've had discussions with many people about it, and most have ranked it #1 or #2 in the seven part series. I'd class it as a #2, because Order of the Phoenix was so gripping with its many cliffhangers and perfectly written storyline which would have an impact on Harry and the fate of the remaining characters.

"I have more!"

Eew, I'm going on holiday soon to Cyprus for two weeks (8th - 22nd August), It's going to be absolutely crappy and slow. I wish I didn't have to come =( I guess I can't change my parents minds this late, so I'll have to persevere with my boredom throughout the upcoming fortnight.

I've been working on this for nearly half an hour now and I'm getting slightly sleepy, so I'll have another go at getting to sleep.
Tata peoples! =D
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