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23 August 2007 @ 04:56 pm
GCSE pwn  
Yay, I went into school today to get my GCSE results ^_^

I texted Nicole and she said she'd wait for my by the blue bench, although she actually waited for my at the front of the school with Danielle. We went in and we passed Miss Fox in the science corridor leading to the KS4 Study Centre. She said Rajiv done good, Nicole done very good and I done VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD!. I was all, don't be sillay when Nicole started to say that I must have owned.

I got in there and got my envelope, although I didn't want to open them straight away. People told me to open it, so i did. First I looked at the AQA sheet and was shocked by the A*(a*) at the bottom which read English Literaure. Mr Carr, my english teacher came up to me and said how proud he was that I got the A* and A in his Subject.
I then looked at my Edexcel, all were A* excpet for the C in Art (didn't really like it anyway). I was spazzing out by the time I looked at my OCR one, which said I had acheived and A* in Religious Studies and an A in Geography. Word spread quickly about my pwness and teachers and pupils congratulated me. I left rather happy and told my mum who was like "WELL DONE!", later buying me a cake from ASDA :D

So, here's my results spread out for all of you to read (well, only 2 people read my LJs)

Mathematics : A*
Science: A*
Double Science: A*
Religious Studies: A*
English Literature: A* (the biggest shock of them all)
English Language: A
Geography: A
Art and Design: C

A*A*A*A*A*AABC - they look so much better loik that though :o

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