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21 November 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Music Exam  
I had my music exam today after school, so I thought I'd post how it went =)

So, I finished at 13:00 (I always do on wednesdays) and rushed home and last minute practised. I felt a bit oh-dear with the solo, but I didn't really have time to practice a lot. After that, I went in the car and waited in the rabbit-hutch styled waiting room and filled out the form of the songs I was going to be playing.

The bell then went ring a ding and me and Winnie walked into the room. The examiner was a woman, who was podgey and smiley. It was a good start - last years one was mean and evil =o I tuned to the piano on an F# and she looked at me like "aaah, your sax is too sharp for this piano". I did Spanish Love Song anyhows and probably got 28/30. I went a bit too quiet on the last bit so no sound was coming out, which would have docked my marks. I then spent 5 minutes trying to tune with the piano, to no avail. he examiner was rolling her eyes so we just continued xD Oh the drama! Sliding Doors was a bit okay... I squeeked a bit (stupid nerves!) and got the duh daa daa daaah dooodoodooo doo daah daaah daaah dooo duuuum bit a bit wrong =S I probably got 22/30 on that one. I then did the solo and got the first fast bit right but slowed down on the second fast bit - probably getting 24/30.
I then did some Aural and felt like a completely messed it up xD 10/18 here I come ;o The singing and clapping went well, I think.
She then got the syllabus out and chose the most evil scales (Bb Major - starts on the lowest note my saxophone can play at, and C# minor - it has 5 sharps =( ). I probably lost 5 marks out of a possible 21 on them because I started c# minor like... 4 times and got half my B Minor arpegio wrong xP
Sight reading was okay - it said "Waltz" at the top, so I wasn't sure whether to swing the quavers or not. I chose not to as it didn't clearly indicate it. Other than that, I thought I read it well - probably 17/21.
At the end, she turned to me and smiled, saying "Have a nice rest and enjoy the break". It sounds good, but who knows.... she could be saying that to soften the heartbreak!

28 + 22 + 24 + 16 + 17 + 10 = 117

Womgsh, I soo want this merit =( 120+ ... Puhllleeeez, lawl - it would make my year. I guess I could have done slightly better than anticipated on the Aural, but I doubt it, I guessed 2 parts of it =o Oh well....

I have my past music notes back and am now studying them.

Grade 2 (117)

Piece 1 - 24/30 (steady pulse)
Piece 2 - 24/30 (carefully prepared accountsustained phrasing and breathing)
Piece 3 - 24/30 (captured the swing)

Scales and Arpeggios - 14/21 (managed in the end - significant uncertainties xD)

Sight Reading - 14/21 (some grasp of rhythm)

Aural Tests - 17/18 (imprecisions in B (singing))

Grade 3 (116)

Piece 1 - 26/30 (steady pulse, but wavered in the middle)
Piece 2 - 19/30 (brisk tempto, but was rushed and out of control)
Piece 3 - 25/30 (Good sense of forward flow, but a brief hiatus in the middle. Rofl, weirdo.)

Scales and Arpeggios - 15/21 (unstady with slips)

Sight Reading - 16/21 (well counted and good momentum)

Aural Tests - 15/18 (Slips in my singing and tonality wrong in section D)

Grade 4 - The Mean Examiner! (109)

Piece 1 - 21/30 (Came in too early (I didn't, though :K)
Piece 2 - 25/30 (Rhythmical Detail well articulated)
Piece 3 - 24/30 (Jazzy Idiom - showed good understanding)

Scales and Arpeggios - 14/21 (Few were played accurately xD)

Sight Reading - 15/21 (often quite unrhythmical)

Aural Tests - 10/18 (Pitch Test was weak... the surprise =o - Most questions well answered)

Hmmm, looking back on the sight reading now - I think this was my best one... I'm soooo ranting here :p
So, in conclusion, I could have scraped the merit, or just gotten below it - I think I just got below the merit boundary.

I also got my  UKMT Senior Maths Challenge result back today. I thought I had completely failed it - because I stupidly guessed the ones I didn't know - apparently we should have left them blank. She was reading the results out in front of the class, which was pretty embarrassing. She said something like: "There was one gold! Oh, and ____ got a silver, _____ got a silver, oh and Daniel got a Silver! I was like "Oooh yeah, I pwn". The person sitting next to me got a Bronze and was clearly disappointed =( There were many fails... xD I probably came about... 4th or 5th in the class? =3 So.... I left rather happy with that, because I love the colour silver - so much better than gold on a certificate, I say!
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pixalpixal on November 21st, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC)
Congrats with the silver and good luck with the saxamabob. xD I wasn't Mapling! I was laying on my bed in a nap like state. I was really bored/tired so had a bit of a rest.