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Better the Dan you know

Dram, Dram all around. Go with the rhythm - That soul sound

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It's all summed up below really xD
-77, 2 pound coin, 50 pence piece, a bit of whitney, advanced maths problems, anthea turner, art deco, bing bing, blanche's glasses, cheesy music, coffee, coldness, computers, countdown conundrums, cows, crab pincers, desperate housewives, doggies, edam, eliv thade, et, february, friday night project, glaciers, green, guinea pigs, heartbreaker, hippos, keyboard, kidneys, king kong, laminate flooring, linda barker, looking at wallpaper, mad chinese people, maths, melon, msn, my green flexy-ruler, neighbourhood watch, neopets, norris & rita, norway, old people ¬¬, pasta, pendulums, penguins, pineapple juice, pyjamas, raspberries, roxy, rugs, safaray!, saxophone, science, scissor sisters, sheila's wheels, smell of potatoes, stripey zebras, tea, the feeling of salt, the letter q, the letter x, there's more, titanic, tom, what there's more?, winter, woks, yes i've finished now